Sanding and polishing are the most effective way to improve the overall look of your timber flooring. Performing regular sanding and polishing provides your timber flooring with a fresh and attractive one once again. However, sanding and polishing can also be a daunting task and quite a complicated process. That’s why it requires proper evaluation and planning. If you are not too confident to perform sanding and polishing for your timber flooring, you can a hire professional sanding and polishing company like us at Eddy’s Timber Flooring. We are here to give you the best experience, best quality, and best service at the best prices for all your timber flooring and polishing needs and preferences, giving you the most flawless timber flooring. Nonetheless, if you are planning to do the work yourself, here are a few tips to make sanding and polishing less complicated.

Choose Your Colour Option

Choosing your colour option with the help of a sanding and polishing professional, helps you achieve your desired timber flooring look. But to make your DIY sanding and polishing be done perfectly and efficiently, choose the best option from the timber flooring staining options beforehand to assess if you can find a more appealing colour choice than that of your initial choice.

Consider the Cost

The next factor to consider is the cost and if it aligns with your allocated budget. Hence, establishing a realistic budget is also an important aspect of your sanding and polishing project. You must assess your budgetary options and create a cost-effective solution before undertaking the sanding and polishing process. Ensuring a realistic budget will be your basis on how much you are willing to spend to make to complete the process. Your allocated budget should serve as your guide to not going beyond the budget plan. Sticking to your allocated budget helps you avoid spending on unnecessary procurements while still meeting your expectations.

Pick the Ideal Finish

This step is also not an easy task to decide on. With the wide range of finishes with various levels of water resistance properties, durability, and glossiness, selecting the right finish for your timber flooring can be quite tough. You need to understand that timber flooring finishes come in traditional oils, modified oils, water-based polyurethane, wax, and solvent-based polyurethane finishes. Knowing all the different qualities and the benefits that each of these finishes can offer to your timber flooring can help you to effectively pick the right polish that matches your lifestyle as well as the look of your interior space. That’s why selecting the ideal finish for timber flooring requires some expertise.

Repair the Damage to Your Timber Flooring

Sanding and polishing help maintain the charm of your timber flooring. With this, it is more possible to attract potential buyers in the future when you decide to sell your home. A well-polished timber flooring is a sure-fire way to boost the value of your home. Thus, you need to perform the sanding and polishing process efficiently. To do this, you need to repair the damage to make the process less complicated and hassle-free.

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