Do’s and Don’ts in the Care and Maintenance of Vinyl Timber Flooring

06 December 2021

Vinyl timber flooring is easy to appreciate and easy to maintain. Keep it that way using this simple manual for vinyl timber floor care. Originally invented as an option in contrast to linoleum flooring, vinyl flooring was commended for its strength, temperature resistance, and reasonableness. Be that as it may, one of the most significant […]

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Mould Prevention and Removal: Tips and Hacks to Avoid Mould Exposure in Timber Flooring

19 November 2021

A residence with conducive moisture, food, and heat can result in mould on timber flooring. When the mould grows, it gives the appearance of a stain on the wood and the surface below discolours. It also can rot or reason the wood to warp. Cutting off the source of moisture stops the unfold of the […]

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Pest Control in Timber Flooring: Tips and Hacks to Prevent Termite Infestation in Your Home

04 November 2021

Timber floors might show proof of termite damage, albeit the damage, this isn’t regularly apparent to homeowners. Nonetheless, if the invasion is untreated for a long time, the wood might become feeble and give way under frequent use. Termites are bound to benefit from more delicate woods than timbers. If your termite expert affirms you […]

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Planning a Parquetry Flooring? Check Out These Pros and Cons Before Making the Decision

26 October 2021

This hardwood flooring style gradually tumbled from favour as other cheap choices appeared, like laminates and vinyl. While hardwood is still wanted, it is often installed as strong hardwood or engineered hardwood planks. Check out these pros and cons before making the decision Parquetry Flooring Requires Daily Care and Maintenance Caring for a wood parquet […]

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All You Need to Know About Timber Flooring on Winder or Straight Stairs

13 October 2021

Timber is one of the best flooring decisions for stairs, yet a great deal goes into installing it. In most home improvement projects, the skeleton of your stairs is as of now assembled, however, the surface parts, the tracks, and risers may need supplanting. In this article, you’ll figure out how to utilise timber boards […]

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