Your home’s foundation is its floors, which serve as the core for coordinating your colour scheme and design style. Getting the floors right the first time is important since good floors last a lifetime. Although it’s easy to update your paint colour and switch out a few light fixtures as trends change, you should make sure that your floorboards are both modern and elegant as well as rich and timeless. It’s because stylistic themes and interior designs are constantly evolving and changing.

At Eddy’s Timber Flooring, we have an extraordinary love for timber and knowledge of top-notch engineered floorboards in Australia. It’s important to choose timber flooring that you enjoy and that complements the style of your home rather than something trendy. However, if you’re searching for a look that is both, here are some excellent options in floorboards right now.

Natural Finishes

It’s not just certain tones that are now popular; matte, silk, and low-gloss finishes are also often used today. Complementary finishes are well-known, useful, and long-lasting. They are also easier to maintain. The matte style isn’t limited to flooring. It also extends to other surfaces, including seat tops, different shades of wall paint, and brushed metal fixtures and equipment.

Solid Black

Black continues to be a strong component in the interiors rather than a complementary colour. Solid black floorboards are a good investment for any home, from a modern, minimalist space to a loft-like apartment. Black also looks great in heritage buildings and is a good choice for homes with various timber styles because it hides the differences better.

Grey and Grey Blends

Another colour in interior design that penetrates deeply is grey, used in more than just different styling items and on walls. Grey flooring has become increasingly popular as a neutral, liveable alternative, and you can find it anywhere from high-end condos to suburban homes. Grey flooring is a flexible option that works brilliantly with a delicate pastel palette and with stronger, brighter tones. They also go well with both cool and warm tones.

Cool Tones

Cooler tones have become more popular in interior design, and this trend isn’t going anywhere soon. Cool tones are preferred for walls and floors, and they go hand in hand. Timber flooring has undergone a significant movement away from warmer tones like reds, reddish-brown mixtures, or yellow overtones in favour of cooler, natural browns like grey and black that don’t have red undertones.


Blonde floorboards are highly versatile and go with almost any home and design aesthetic, whether Scandinavian, beach house, minimal, or monochromatic. They are the ideal rich, simple backdrop for any area. Blonde timber flooring complements any colour of cabinetry, dividers, and interior design scheme and looks great in casual and sophisticated settings.


Trendy colours include those at the extreme ends of the spectrum and cool, darker tones. Whitewashed timber is making a comeback and spreading like wildfire. Whitewashed floorboards make the floors appear more natural, lighter, and whiter than typical floors. The modern whitewashed floorboards are matte-finished and unpretentious.

If you now have an idea which colour can set the tone for your timber flooring, get in touch with experts at Eddy’s Timber Flooring by calling us at 0404 670 676 or request an online quote today!