Timber Flooring and Kitchen Joinery: Should They Match Colours?

13 May 2022

The fun and excitement of decorating and designing your kitchen should not be ruined by thinking about mixing and matching the colours of your timber flooring and kitchen joinery. Should they match colours? No. Matching is just one of the two essential principles of design work. So, it should not only be confined to that because there is also one other principle that can serve as your guide to achieving an aesthetically pleasing kitchen décor, and that is coordinating. Coordinating is a different design idea. It's like coordinating entirely different things or ideas but still goes well together since they complement each other. Hence, applying the concept of matching is not mandatory. Feel free to mix things up and try any of these coordinating ideas and styles instead of just matching them.

Try Mix-Complementing Different Hues

Instead of matching colours, why not try mixing and complementing different hues for your timber flooring and kitchen joinery. With the right selection of hues that complements each other, you can certainly achieve your favourite kitchen look and ambience.

Coordinate Light and Dark Colours

Another design idea that you can try is coordinating light and dark colours. They may differ in shade, but they are proven to look good together.Either you will have timber flooring with a darker colour and kitchen joinery with a lighter colour, and vice versa. They will look appealing in both ways.

Combining Different Materials but Same Colour Palette

You can also try combining different materials for your timber flooring and kitchen joinery but painted in complementary colours that are in the same colour palette. Doing this right and the result will surprise you. Material contrast provides a well-balanced kitchen design. It is just about complementing the contrasting material painted in the same colour palette without matching too much.

Breakup the Monotone Colour Scheme

Your timber flooring and kitchen joinery should not have to be in matching colours. So, no one should stop you from breaking up the monotone colour scheme. You can always try mixing up complementary hues that do not necessarily belong in the same colour same and still achieve that dream kitchen design.

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