The Advantages of Having Cedar Ceilings for Your Home

29 March 2022

By using cedar in your home, you can turn it into a warm, liveable home that lasts a lifetime. From ceilings to panelling, cedar offers a modern look and incorporates itself with any design, whether it is modern or traditional.

For instance, you can take your ceiling to another level with a textured cedar panel or mosaic in a modern living room.

Cedar gives you all the warmth of natural wood without being too overwhelming.

Here are five benefits to creating outstanding warmth and gorgeousness by using cedar in your ceiling.

It’s Divine

Cedarwood continues to be a popular option for interior finishes. Regardless of other materials such as brick, glass, or concrete, the wood ceiling brings it together, giving the room warmth and a wonderful aromatic smell.

Cedarwood is versatile and can be used for houses, public building offices, etc.

Added Value

A cedar ceiling adds value to your home. When it comes time to sell your home, you will reap the financial benefits of having a cedar ceiling. Aside from giving you a better return, the ceiling will be a nice selling point that makes your home stand out from others in the neighbourhood.

Easy to Install

Cedar ceilings are extremely easy to install and usually come in wood panels or planks with the colour and characteristics you choose. They are joined together using a wood ceiling system that allows easy transport and installation.

Improved Acoustics

Because wood is a porous material, it has natural acoustic absorption, which means it can control noise better than other materials. It can be ideal when trying to control acoustic reverberation.

Natural Insulation

The cedar acts as a natural insulator, and it helps reduce the energy you need to heat a space. Cedar retains the heat from the room, which is nice when you have a fireplace to add extra warmth and the cedar ceiling to keep the warmth in the room.


Cedar is a resource available in nature. We need to care for it and use it from sustainable forests, but it is eco-friendly because you can recycle it. Plus, it is biodegradable, unlike other artificial materials.

How to Use It?

You can use cedar anyway you want, for your entire ceiling, or if you want to go the “Less is More” route, you could use cedar beams with wrought iron or stainless steel hardware accents. It is up to you. Of course, one of our consultants can always help you make the right decision for you.

Bottom Line

Cedar ceilings can be a real showstopper, especially when you use their natural range of colours. You may have a major problem on your hands, though. Your guests may never want to leave.

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