As more homes look for more environmentally friendly alternatives to standard hardwood floors, the popularity of bamboo floors continues to grow. The plant’s ability to regrow quickly is a benefit of bamboo flooring. The extraordinary durability of strand-woven bamboo is another obvious benefit. The bamboo plant has a five-year regeneration cycle. Contrast it with the growth time of hardwood trees, which can reach over 30 years before being harvested.

Does bamboo make a decent flooring option? In a word, yes! Bamboo is simply some of the most excellent floorings for homeowners who desire the cosiness and beauty of hardwood flooring but don’t want to contribute to the destruction of the world’s rainforests. In addition to being environmentally friendly, bamboo flooring has several other benefits over other types of flooring.


Bamboo is a regenerating grass that matures in five years, making it a fantastic environmentally friendly and sustainable substitute for hardwood. The bamboo plant’s root continues to grow after it has been harvested, eliminating the need for replanting.

Widely Available

Environmentally acceptable building materials were frequently difficult to source out before the green movement took off. However, all that has changed, and bamboo is now easily accessible at big-box retailers and online.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Versatile

How a floor will fit into your décor is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing one. Many different shades and designs of bamboo flooring are available, including hand-scraped and engineered planks, all of which have the lovely marbling appearance typical of strand-woven bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is a very versatile material in terms of aesthetics because it is available in a wide range of tones and textures. This benefit has two parts: Whatever the furniture and décor in your current room, you will surely discover a bamboo colour that accentuates it well. Second, because there is such a wide variety of bamboo planks, you can put them all around your home to create various looks.

Unrivalled Durability

Bamboo is sturdy and so resilient that you may install them in any room of your house, even ones with a lot of traffic. Want to talk about strength? Strand-woven bamboo has a Janka hardness rating nearly three times that of oak. Because bamboo flooring is so sturdy and long-lasting, most manufacturers provide at least a 25-year warranty.

Cost-Effective Flooring Option

The components and labour expenses can quickly add up when you decide to install new floors in your home, especially if it involves several rooms.

Bamboo is far less expensive than conventional hardwood floors, making it a fantastic option for people who wish to live sustainably but are limited by their budget. Premium lengths (long planks) and widths (wide planks) are typically available for roughly half the cost of standard hardwoods in the exact dimensions.

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