Do’s and Don’ts in the Care and Maintenance of Vinyl Timber Flooring

06 December 2021

Vinyl timber flooring is easy to appreciate and easy to maintain. Keep it that way using this simple manual for vinyl timber floor care. Originally invented as an option in contrast to linoleum flooring, vinyl flooring was commended for its strength, temperature resistance, and reasonableness. Be that as it may, one of the most significant advantages vinyl flooring had over linoleum was design.

With vinyl, you can have designs that imitate a wide range of materials, including wood and stone, or you can choose from an endless selection of colours and patterns — and so on, it likely comes in vinyl timber flooring. And presently we've tracked down the best regular cleaning options for your new vinyl timber flooring to save it shiny and sturdy for as long as possible.

What Is Vinyl Timber?

The latest famous trend in vinyl is vinyl timber flooring. Sometimes timber which comes in multiple styles increases in density, versatility, and strength. It is also significantly more realistic design-mimicking than linoleum and more seasoned vinyl flooring types. Vinyl timber flooring is super easy to install, with each piece clicking and locking together like LEGO.  Yet, we're not here to show history, we are here to figure out how to clean and care for vinyl timber flooring.

What Should I Use To Clean Vinyl Timber Flooring?

Vinyl timber flooring is designed to be easy to maintain, and indeed, the synthetic composition of vinyl timber makes it a piece of cake to clean — no expensive tools or cleaners are required!

Normal Cleaning Is Vital

As extreme as vinyl timber flooring is, it still needs ordinary cleaning to experience its lifespan of 10 to 20 years. We suggest vacuuming every day, wet cleaning a few times per month, and treating stains ASAP to keep your vinyl floors looking brilliant and clean for quite a long time in the future.

Do's and Don'ts in the Care and Maintenance of Vinyl Timber Flooring

Caring for your vinyl timber flooring is simple. Here are the main things you'll need to remember while cleaning.

Vacuum Or Dry-Mop The Floor To Eliminate Surface Soil

The fastest way of damaging vinyl timber flooring is through everyday carelessness. That is the reason we suggest vacuuming or dry mopping your flooring each little while. This will scoop up a wide range of debris, dust, and soil that can cause tiny scratches that dull the presence of the floor.

Scrub To Eliminate Stains

Whether your stain is fresh or stubbornly old, a soft nylon brush will assist with loosening it and eliminating it without scratching your floor. Dunk your brush in a natively constructed baking soda water blend, then scrub tenderly. If that doesn't work, attempt isopropyl Liquor or hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the stain.

Wet-Mop To Eliminate Grime

One of the most incredible vinyl timber flooring cleaners is some apple juice or white vinegar in a gallon of boiling water. Hose your mop, and mop your vinyl timber flooring toward the timbers. The vinegar will handle soil, grime, and stains without leaving behind streaks or a sudsy mess.

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