Trends in interior design are constantly evolving. The application of timber flooring is one aspect that has always stayed the same. Old-world traditions are now fusing with contemporary trends to create a distinctive and personalised appearance in any place, thanks to ingenuity and design breakthroughs.

As timber flooring experts, we develop and offer flooring that is a crucial component of any residential or commercial project. Look into the use of timber flooring to make a historic statement in a modern setting.

Chevron Flooring Patterns

Chevron flooring designs have long been regarded as elegant and prestigious, and many of the world’s most exclusive residences and majestic buildings have them.  Angled-cut boards are used to create the Chevron pattern. The parquetry’s “V” design gives it a stunningly gorgeous appearance. Its majestic appearance and exquisite symmetry have the power to provide the impression of space.

Due to its adaptability and assurance of creating a statement, Chevron has become popular among today’s architects and designers. It can range from simple to intricate, using one or a combination of species and colours or even making a statement and fitting timber in this design to produce a feature wall.

The Use of Herringbone

With its versatility and capacity to be utilised in various applications, parquetry has undoubtedly made a comeback in recent years. Interior design is typically considered to begin at the ground level. Herringbone flooring is one of the most popular wood flooring patterns because of its astounding beauty and symmetry.

Herringbone flooring, which has its roots in the Baroque Era of European architecture, is frequently utilised to give rooms a posh air that encourages history and tradition. This pattern has been applied to make a modern statement over the years. We were able to give a well-known favourite a fresh spin by combining different colours and materials, and the result is the ideal accent for any new construction.

It is possible to put the herringbone pattern parallel or diagonally to the walls. The floor becomes considerably more stable when boards are installed in a herringbone pattern and glued down, creating a striking design effect that will last for years.

Create a Unique Statement

With their magnificent lines, patterns, and tones, many historic flooring styles have roots in Europe and make a highly distinctive statement. Using planks with different widths and lengths is one particular trend in timber flooring. Random plank sizes produce a natural and realistic feel while minimising waste, making the best use of the tree’s cut.

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