Vinyl Flooring: What Makes it a Fantastic Flooring Option for Your Home?

16 December 2022

Since it was initially created decades ago, vinyl flooring has advanced significantly. It is an excellent flooring option that is simple to instal in your residential or commercial property. Installation of vinyl flooring is straightforward because it is attached to your concrete floor, but depending on what you are replacing, it might need an underlay or additional ground preparation. Vinyl flooring is an affordable and appealing option, whether you want to instal it yourself or have one of our flooring professionals do it. Our vinyl flooring is available in various designs and colours to complement your home or place of business. Vinyl flooring is ideal for damp areas like bathrooms or open entrances.

How do you determine whether vinyl flooring is the best option for you? Vinyl flooring is adaptable, reasonably priced, and offers many advantages not present in other flooring options like timber, laminate, or tiles. Below are what makes vinyl flooring a fantastic option for your home:

Easy Installation

Ensure the subsurface is flawless and smooth to guarantee that vinyl flooring is installed successfully. You can install vinyl planks by yourself or with the help of one of our skilled floor installers because they may be clicked together or glued down. Regardless, it is far simpler to install vinyl plank flooring than most wood flooring varieties.

Wide Range of Design Options

Many different colours, designs, and imitation wood grains are available in vinyl flooring collections. We will have a vinyl flooring design to fit your needs at a fraction of the price of traditional hardwood flooring if you have a certain style in your residential property. It might be challenging to tell vinyl flooring from solid wood flooring because they frequently resemble each other closely. Additionally, you can imitate ceramic tiles and real stone with vinyl flooring as well.

Simple to Maintain

Of all the flooring types, vinyl needs the least amount of maintenance. It would be best to clean it frequently, but you don't have to follow a tight routine or use pricey speciality solutions. Because vinyl is water-resistant, you may mop over it without worrying about the floor warping. You can also clean it with detergents and disinfectants without worrying about ruining the surface. Vinyl floors also benefit those with asthma and allergies since they don't gather dust or other particles like carpet and some types of timber.


Due to the structure of vinyl flooring, it is durable and long-lasting. Since it can't be easily scratched or damaged, it is ideal for households with kids, dogs, and high-traffic areas. Vinyl might be your best option if there is a lot of activity in your residential space.


Since vinyl flooring is not impacted by heat or humidity, it can withstand the varying temperatures of Australia's scorching summers and chilly winters. Any area in your home, including the laundry room and bathrooms, can have vinyl flooring because it comes in water-resistant and waterproof varieties. Termites cannot penetrate vinyl plank; you can even install it outside.

We have the best vinyl flooring from popular Australian brands at Eddy's Timber Flooring. We are here to satisfy all your preferences and wants for Timber flooring by providing you with the greatest possible experience, quality, and service. Regardless of the project's scope, the team will attend to all of your needs and ensure that your project is finished to the best possible standards and at a reasonable cost.

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