Parquet flooring has significantly become popular nowadays as many homeowners are opting for parquet tiles to achieve a sophisticated look for their floors. Parquet flooring is made with various types of wood blocks glued or stapled together to create a geometric pattern arranged repeatedly to the subfloor.There is a wide range of sizes and patterns that you can choose from, you just need to select the best finish and pattern for your house. Parquet flooring is a popular flooring choice for formal parts of the living space like living rooms, foyers, and dining rooms.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Parquet flooring does not absorb odour and stains easily. With the constant presence of dirt and mud in your living area and dining room, you need to choose a type of flooring that is the easiest to clean. Parquet tiles are easy to clean and maintain which is why they became popular. Parquet flooring has a pre-finished smooth surface which makes it difficult for dirt to easily penetrate and with just routine sweeping and mopping, it can easily be back to its clean and original state.

Appealing Appearance

Parquet floorings are lacquered in multiple layers with hardwood veneer at the top which contributes to their sophisticated appearance. Proper polishing brings more shine out to the parquet flooring which makes it easily blend with any interior design. After an unfinished parquet is installed, it undergoes sanding, staining, and finishing on site. After all these processes, you can choose any type of finish or the colour of the stain to attain an appealing appearance according to your preference.


Parquet flooring types have hardwood on the top and to the bottom of the block which makes them very durable and tends to last longer, thus, promising longevity. There are also pre-finished available in some stores which are treated with a factory-applied finish to make them extremely durable and stable. Since industrial finishing is far more durable than applied on-site finishing. Parquet flooring is ideal for all high-traffic areas because they are very enduring, and durable compared to other flooring options.


Parquet flooring becomes more popular for homeowners who aim for great indoor air quality. Nothing beats going home to a clean-living space after a long day at work or after being away from your home for a long time. Floorings are one of the big contributors to dust and allergen build-up so, if aim for a clean-living space, start by investing in parquet flooring to eliminate allergen and dust accumulation and achieve a living space with improved air quality.


Parquet flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring today because it is budget-friendly. With its price, it does not compromise quality.  It can fit almost any budget depending on the type of finish and pattern that you choose for your living space. Choosing parquet flooring is a very advantageous way of saving money especially if you are looking for a way to save up on your flooring project.