Timber floors add a timeless quality to any residence. Among its numerous benefits include its low support and hypoallergenic properties. Sand and polish timber floors at regular intervals to eliminate scratches, nicks, debris development, and other harm. Sanding and polishing also restore lustre to assist you with keeping a lovely home.

When’s The Best Time to Sand and Polish Your Timber Flooring

When You Go on a Vacation

Consult a professional to sand and polish timber floors all through your home when you take some time off. Sanding and polishing involve cleaning, sanding, and recoating the floor, delivering it slippery for somewhere around 24 hours after the work is finished. You and your family also can’t stroll on the floors during the sanding and polishing process because it could meddle with legitimate coat adhesion. In case you are worried about giving the flooring group keys to your home, have a trusted companion or neighbour let them in and out.

Before You Move In

Request timber floor sanding and polishing before you move into another residence. This is the ideal time to refinish timber floors because you won’t need to move furniture, schedule the work during trips, or attempt to work around service individuals. Also, sanding and polishing products have strong odours, so finishing the work before your move prevents managing unpleasant smells.

Throughout the Spring or Fall Season

As well as scheduling timber floor sanding and polishing before you move in or while an extended get-away, you’ll need to arrange in the spring or fall. Winter timber floor sanding and polishing projects present air circulation issues because of closed windows; there may also be delays because of frosty roads. Summer sanding and polishing can also be dangerous, on the off chance, that you live in a humid area of the country because the recoating item won’t dry as fast. Refinish timber floors in the spring or fall when temperatures are stable.

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